A list of hotels close to campus, as well as travel Information around the Bay Area can be found at the Stanford Computer Forum Visitor Information Page.

One of the fastest and most convenient ways to get to Palo Alto from San Francisco International Airport is using supershuttle. No Reservations Required. Claim your luggage on the lower level. Proceed to the upper level and outside to the outer curb. Follow the blue SuperShuttle signs to our uniformed Airport Guest Coordinators in blue jackets. They will arrange SuperShuttle transportation to your destination. (approx $35 to Palo Alto)

If you are coming to Stanford by car, here is some information about parking. Most parking lots inside the campus require a special permit (and they are frequently controled). We reserved some free space in a dirt parking lot known as the "Galvez Field".

If you prefer not to walk (it takes ~20 minutes walking to the CIS), you can use the Marguerite from Galvez street to the CIS. Marguerite is a free shuttle every 20 minutes. Here is a link at the Marguerite Route Map.