Important Notice

Dear Friends, due to overwhelming response to this workshop we are no longer able to accept new applications to attend. Please keep an eye on the Workshop's Virtual Proceedings page to for information about the presentations



Kenneth Salisbury
Professor of Research

Depts. of Computer and Surgery
Stanford University

Thomas M Krummel, MD
Emile Holman Professor and Chair
Department of Surgery
Stanford University

Jean-Claude Latombe

Department of Computer Science
Stanford University



Stanford Computer Forum


In Association with:

Robotics Lab


Workshop Goals

The goal of this workshop will bring together researchers and developers 
from around the world who focus on modeling and simulation of deformable materials for applications requiring real-time interaction. 
We are particularly interested in 
medical applications including
simulation-based training, skills
assessment and planning, as well 
as other non-medical domains 
where real-time interactivity 
needed. Presentations are 
encouraged that will define 
the status of the field 
and help articulate future directions 
and possibilities and that will focus 
on the algorithmic, modeling and 
real-time issues that affect 
the fidelity and applicability of 
deformable material simulation to 
medical and other applications.

Workshop Topics

Topics will include but are not 
limited to:
  • Tissue modeling techniques
  • Simulation methods for  deformable objects
  • Collision detection and handling involving deformable bodies
  • Topological changes on deformable models: cutting, suturing, cautery tool-use, etc
  • Bio-fluid modeling
  • Non-medical deformable     material modeling
  • Immersive visualization methods
  • Haptic interaction methods
  • Workshop Format

    The meeting will consist of 
    approximately 20-30 presentations 
    over a 3-day period with ample time allowed for small and large group discussions. 

    A cross-section of experts in the 
    field will be invited in an effort to 
    focus the quality and areas of discussion. 

    There is no registration fee. In an
    effort to maximize the opportunity 
    for participant interactions, all 
    lunches, breakfasts and two dinners 
    will be included as part of the 
    workshop format to enable continuing discussions.

    Organizing Committee

     Dr. Remis Balaniuk
     Federico Barbagli


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