Teleo-Reactive Robot Arm Tower Builder Demo


The program requires Java 2 Runtime Environment (JRE), version 1.3 or above.

You can check the version number of your JRE by typing under the shell prompt: java -version

JRE v1.3 can be downloaded from Sun; it is available for the platforms: Microsoft Windows, Linux (x86), and Solaris (SPARC/x86). If you want to develop Java programs, you can download the Java 2 Software Development Kit (SDK); it includes the Java compiler and debugger.


  • Launch applet
    • Automatically detects browswer and platform to determine if Java plugin is available; needs JavaScript enabled.
    • In Netscape, JavaScript can be enabled by:
      Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Enable JavaScript
  • If Java plugin is not installed, should automatically be directed to download page, if not, the plugin can be downloaded at:

After downloading and installing the Java plugin, if the above link still does not work, please try launching the applet from the following links.

Stand-alone Application

If you cannot run the applet from your browser, you can run the Java program as a stand-alone application (Note: you would still need a Java 2 runtime environment).

Download the TRTower ZIP file. After unzipping the ZIP file:

  • Change into the directory TRTower.
  • Under shell prompt, run the program by typing: java -jar TRTower.jar (In Windows, simply double click on the JAR file to launch the application.)

User Guide

  • Click on the "New Block" button to add new blocks. Note that the maximum number of blocks is limited to 6.
  • Each block is identified by a block id, which is the letter labeled on the block (e.g., A, B, C). The block id's are case insensitive.
  • Enter a list of block id's separated by space in the text field next to the "maketower" button, then click on the button to stack up the blocks in the order specified (left-to-right corresponds to top-to-bottom) to make a tower.
  • For the "putdown" command, it takes two parameters, x and y, and puts x on top of y. If you want to put x on the table, enter the id of the table (Ta) as the second parameter.


The source code is included in the jar file. You can extract the files by typing the command: jar -xvf AppletLauncher.jar

Last modified: Sun Oct 7 17:39:29 PDT 2001